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Like our Earth

Matera is an experience that sticks in the heart. Those who visit it, those who breathe it, those who taste it, even once in their lives, fall madly in love with it.

Matera is sweet, yet strong. It has its roots in history but continues to look forward. In Matera, a future made of people and experiences, memory and courage is born every day. It is a treasure that our fruit brings to your table and that is born in nine fascinating municipalities in the surrounding area. Each one of them with an emotion to give you.

The map of goodness

Our fruit is grown in nine municipalities in the Matera district, each one with its own unique and inimitable characteristics.

Nova Siri, with the freshness of its pools of water; Rotondella, which reflects in the Gulf of Taranto and absorbs its cheerfulness; Policoro, the love of life of those who had witnessed the clash between the Romans and Pyrrhus. And then there is Scanzano, where the fruits of the earth grow rich and good, nourished by a 3000-year history; Montalbano and its wonder, which has been ripening ever since the Arabs called it an ‘excellent place’; Pisticci which tells its story with its singing language and the spectacle of its flavours; Bernaldawhere the fruits of the wheat have the golden colour of castles; Montescagliosowhere nature has the richness of a thousand-year history; and finally Tursi a meeting of peoples, a crossroads of scents and flavours.


The value of human beings

Machinery and technology are important. Nature is generous and precious. But man is even more. We cultivate the passion of those who cultivate this wonderful land with us and nurture it with the same respect we have for the environment.

Do you want to work with us?

Nicofruit® is always looking for expertise, commitment and passion to improve its products, in harmony with the land.