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Sustainability realised in action

The land is our greatest asset. It is the precious balance that allows us to cultivate products of unique, immediately recognisable, quality. Respecting this heritage is important, but we want to go further, with concrete facts.

Sustainability is a nice word but it is not enough for us. We want to do much more: an agriculture that empowers rather than detracts. That restores balance, as well as respecting resources and reducing the impact on the environment. Every day we innovate, we cultivate with responsibility and natural methods so that the best products also make the environment that grows them better.

A great commitment that leads to great results. We work to constantly improve our relationship with the environment: the difference can be seen and tasted


water-saving, compared to traditional cultivation.


less plastic used, due to the recyclability and compostability of our packaging


of emissions savings from efficient energy use.

Less water, more flavour

Water is a treasure that must be respected and used intelligently. In order not to waste a single drop, in our fields we have implemented a revolutionary irrigation system. We constantly measure the soil moisture and release water drop by drop, close to the plants. Only as much as is needed to make the fruit grow pulpy and full of flavour. This is the quality that nature loves and that you will love at first taste.

Not an extra gram of plastic

We are a forward-thinking company and when plastic is needed we use recycled and immediately recyclable one. You can see this in our ‘Ezy Split’ basket: 400 grams and 500 grams hybrid technology, made of 100% R-Pet plastic, which cuddles kiwis and strawberries without impacting the environment.

From nature to nature: compostability

Circularity is a fashionable word. But we, who work in the countryside, prefer facts to fine rhetoric. That is why we have also created a fully compostable basket, in two sizes of 400 grams and 500 grams. It is called Nicofriendly, because nature is our greatest friend: our heritage and our future. We respect it, and we love it, in everything we do.

The agriculture we want, not only respects the environment but improves its balance, in all its aspects. This is Nicofruit® commitment.

Do you want to work with us?

Nicofruit® is always looking for expertise, commitment and passion to improve its products, in harmony with the land.