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Fragola Matera®,
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All strawberries are beautiful. Many of them grow in Basilicata too. But Fragola Matera® is the only one. Behind a flavour that you immediately recognise there are work, respect for the environment and love for quality.

Our strawberries come from unique and natural cultivation techniques that improve the environment and enhance the value of an extraordinary fruit that you recognise at first taste.
That’s why Fragola Matera® is at its best when consumed ‘au naturel’. And it gives you much more than you expect, for longer.
Fragola Matera® is a product of excellence, which deserves respect and which we defend against counterfeiting. You will recognise it immediately by Nicofruit® trademark.

When time is
the friend of goodness

When time is the friend of goodness

It takes patience and commitment to grow the best strawberry. We respect nature. She helps us to pollinate our strawberries and to defend them from pests. We do not waste her water. And that is why our strawberries stay healthy, beautiful and tasty for much longer: even ten to twelve days after the harvest. It takes a long time to give yourself a strawberry, but it is a valuable investment, which you recognise at the first bite for many days of goodness, as exciting as when it has been just picked.

In harmony with

In harmony with nature

Nature has given us everything, including its help to grow Fragola Matera® so good, tasty and free of pests and weeds.
Natural fertilisation is aided by beneficial insects that transform organic material into valuable nutrients. Pollination is natural; bees and bumblebees work on it.
And defence against harmful insects is also entrusted to their antagonists in the ecosystem, e.g. ladybirds.
And when technology is needed, we rely on fully recyclable materials, such as tarpaulins, which, at the end of their life cycle, are not thrown away, but rather brought into a totally circular cycle.

The strawberry with Matera in its heart

For 30 years we have been working to build future and innovation We know where we are going because we know where we come from. From a land that is unique not only for its nature, but also for its culture, and for its ability to always surprise without forgetting its roots.
We take our ideas and enthusiasm from a rich and strong land, just like our strawberries.


Sustainability realised in action

The land is our greatest asset. It is the precious balance that allows us to cultivate products of unique, immediately recognisable, quality. Respecting this heritage is important, but we want to go further, with concrete facts.

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Fragola Matera® is now a world-famous name. But we are constantly working to bring you new flavours and new emotions.