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Nicofruit® is

A perpetually erupting volcano of ideas and initiatives. He only stops to give his team a break, to enjoy a meal with family and friends or a Juventus match. Then the earthquake starts again.

Francesco Nicodemo

CEO – President
Head of Sales and Marketing Team

He wanted to be an astronaut, then he took his strawberries to the stars. His, is an exciting journey that requires clear ideas and maniacal preparation. But above all it is fun, and that is the most important thing.

Demetrio Nicodemo

Production manager

He has always had speed in his blood. He works the same way as he drives: ahead of everyone, he doesn’t like to come second. The kangaroo leather suit, however, he only wears when riding his bike.

Alessandro Tristano

Operation manager

He dreamed of moving things, people and he did it in a great way. Then he discovered that plants can move too, towards a tastier and more sustainable world Those who taste our fruit say that Vito does this great too.

Vito Dematteis

Production manager
Packaging manager

Do you want to work with us?

Nicofruit® is always looking for expertise, commitment and passion to improve its products, in harmony with the land.