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The idea we have been cultivating for 30 years

We started in 1993 from a small reality: 3 hectares in Scanzano Jonico. But our dream was already big: to grow the best strawberry that men, women and territory together could create. After 30 years that dream has become big, but we have not yet stopped dedicating all our passion to it, to make it even bigger.

Today Nicofruit is much more than the highest quality strawberries that can arrive on your table. We started as a family business, Three generations later we have become a cooperative of no less than 30 companies. united in a consortium that promotes the goodness of the Basilicata fruits, the respect for tradition and territory. Their ability to express the best of our land, loving it and also improving the quality and balance of the environment.
Fragola Matera® has become a trademark that has made the whole of Basilicata grow. But alongside the strawberry there are today new flavours, new sweetnesses. Golden, full-flavoured kiwis and much more that we are already dreaming of and fielding.
Those 3 hectares have become 90. The pride of cultivating the best has grown a community and a territory. And we will continue to cultivate it. Generation after generation.

Birth of Nicofruit® with its first warehouse

Company expansion with second warehouse

Expansion with third warehouse + Installation of photovoltaic systems

Project development together with University of Basilicata (Department of European Mediterranean Cultures – DICEM) to reduce company carbon footprint

Installation of automated irrigation systems, new automated processing line to facilitate the work of packaging workers

Installation of Yellow Kiwi plants

30 years of activity


The value of human beings

Machinery and technology are important. Nature is generous and precious. But man is even more. We cultivate the passion of those who cultivate this wonderful land with us and nurture it with the same respect we have for the environment.

Do you want to work with us?

Nicofruit® is always looking for expertise, commitment and passion to improve its products, in harmony with the land.