True Nicofruit® quality

Fragola Matera®

Kiwy Matera®

Less water, more flavour

In order not to waste a single drop, we have implemented a revolutionary irrigation system in our fields, which releases water drop by drop.

Not an extra gram of plastic

We are a forward-thinking company and when plastic is needed we use recycled and immediately recyclable one.

From nature to nature: compostability

Circularity is a fashionable word. But we, who work in the countryside, prefer facts to fine rhetoric. That is why we have also created a fully compostable litter bin.



The value of people

Machines and technology are important. Nature is generous and precious. But Man is even more so. We cultivate the passion of those who cultivate this wonderful land with us and nurture it with the same respect we have for the environment.


Like our Earth

Basilicata is a gentle, yet strong land. It has its roots in history but continues to look forward. In Matera, a future made of people and experiences, memory and courage is born every day.