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The Consortium Frutthera: excellence in the lead, Basilicata in the heart

Basilicata is a magical land for taste, for fruit, for beauty. We were born in 1993 to bring this gift to the world. But above all, to complete the miracle of this nature with passion, competence, with strong desire to innovate and always give our best.

Love for the land and the territory: this is what unites our thirty members and gave us our name. Frutthera: 400 hectares of crops and pride, 3000 people working together to produce excellence that makes our region grow. This is our commitment to Basilicata and to those who love it through its fruits. You can recognise them by the Nicofruit® trademark.

The value of human beings

Machinery and technology are important. Nature is generous and precious. But man is even more. We cultivate the passion of those who cultivate this wonderful land with us and nurture it with the same respect we have for the environment. We say no to any form of exploitation of the workforce and discrimination because sustainability is not only environmental but also ethical and social and is made up of fair wages, clear contracts, solidarity, and the possibility to grow thanks to one’s work. Our fruit grows so well also because it grows thanks to men and women who always see the quality of their work recognised.

Nicofruit®, sustainability at the top.

Talking about sustainability is nice, but cultivating it on a day-to-day basis, in the fields, in the greenhouses, even in the packaging, is something completely different.
We put all our passion into it, and an example of this is the ‘above-ground’ cultivation. No waste of water and valuable farmland, structures raised off the ground and comfortable for workers (that’s sustainability too), where strawberries grow and ripen on inert substrates. They are sweeter and tastier because the light is better and the temperature is better controlled up there.

Continue to be surprised

Basilicata is a rich and ancient civilisation. Those who love it know that time has never really stood still here. Its peace, its serenity invite people to look forward, not back.
We continue to grow, to invent, to progress. Calmly, without stress. But always with the desire to create something that did not exist before. In 1988 we were one of the first companies in southern Italy to launch the challenge of integrated cultivation. You can taste the result of this enthusiasm in our fruit. But we will not stop there: we work every day to continue surprising you.

The taste of healthy principles

Quality knows no compromise

There are no shortcuts when your goal is to offer the best. Every detail, every step of the production process is important. It is the details that make all the difference, even if you cannot see them.

Innovation stems from solid roots

You have to know and be rooted in the tradition of the territory in order to grow and build something truly new. Innovation never comes from nothing. It happens when courage meets experience.

Nature is an authentic passion

Nature is an authentic passion. But it is difficult, demanding, it requires respect, it must be treated wisely. It will give you the best, but only when you return the generosity with genuine passion.


Do you want to work with us?

Nicofruit® is always looking for expertise, commitment and passion to improve its products, in harmony with the land.